Frans Masereel Centre is a place where national and international artists, researchers and graphic designers reside, meet and experiment.

Masereeldijk 5
2460 Kasterlee, BE

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The Centre co-produces as well as issues its own publications, editions and prints. A large part of these works is for sale. You can order the works online or purchase them at the Centre during opening hours. If you would like to receive updates about new works, please register here for our mailing list. New publications that were presented recently: Jef Geys, '4' and Hans Demeulenaere, 'correctly placing a circle in a rectangle'.

Please clearly state in your online order (per mail):
-the name of the publication(s) and the number of copies in your order.
-billing address and tax number
-in case of no tax: state register number or for foreigners: date of birth.

The following works are available:



Dorothy Iannone, 'A Cookbook' (2019)
Jef Geys, 'Archief 5' (2017, edition: 100)
Jef Geys, Prepublication 'Archief 5' (2017, 400 copies)
Jef Geys, 'Archief 4' (2017, edition: 200)
Hans Demeulenaere, 'correctly placing a circle in a rectangle' (2017, edition: 100)
François Curlet, Operation Mandarous (2017, editie: 200)
Bart Van Dijck, 'URS-Waking Up the Bear' (2017, edition: 50)
Jef Geys, '3' (2016, edition: 200)
Adva Zakaï, 'I seem to be the only one left' (2015, edition: 100)
Going Public 1: An edition on fragmented print(making) attitudes (2015)
Christophe Lemaître, 'Le Livre de Go' (2015, edition: 100)
Pol Matthé, Jochem Vanden Ecker and Kris Kimpe, ‘From Brown to Blue’ (2013)
Erki De Vries and Pieter Huybrechts, 'BOOK 1 L01 2018' (2013)
Exhibition catalogue 'All The Knives' (2013)
'A Preface for a Project' (2012, Foreword by Dirk Elst)
'Instant Ruins' (2012, an exhibition as a book, with Luc Derycke)
Bart Van Dijck, '10 Dirhams' (2011)
Ronny Delrue, Honoré d’O, Kendell Geers, Vincent Geyskens, Tina Gillen and Pieter Vermeersch, 're:print' (2008)
Exhibition catalogue 'Frans Masereel' (1990)


Pieter Vermeersch (2019, editie: 45)
Jean Glibert (2019, edition: 25)
Dorothy Iannone, 'Put Your mouth Right Here (Please)' (2016, edition: 35 + 5 AP)
Dorothy Iannone, 'Dear Give Me Everything' (2016, edition: 35 + 5 AP)
Tom Tosseyn, Tote bag for FMC (2016, edition: 100)
Betsy Bickle, 'Olympic Games Bid 2016' (2016, swimming bag)
MOREpublishers and Marianna Christofides, David Farrar, Carla Scott Fullerton, Katrin Kamrau, Tom Liekens, Yiannis Papadopoulos, Michael Van Den Abeele, Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, 'Technical Without Taboo' (2015, edition: 50 + 24 AP)
De Witte Raaf, Edition Gert Verhoeven, OUAH - OUAH - CIK - CIK - MJA - MJA (2015, edition: 68)

Adva Zakaï
From Brown to Blue
Jef Geys '3'
Le Livre de Go
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