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Marina Pinsky

6 000,00 

  • Description  
  • Photopolymer etching and chine collé on Somerset Black 300gsm, framed  
  • Edition  
  • 3 + 2 AP  
  • Year  
  • 2023  

With an artistic practice rooted in photography but branching out into sculpture and installation, Marina Pinsky initially experimented with digital printing forms during her residency at the Frans Masereel Centrum. Pinsky explored new techniques in her series of ten prints where she delved into the intricate world of photogravure.  

Inspired by the historical beauty of photobooks and the mesmerizing tonalities of black ink, Pinsky sought to adapt this technique to imagery from her personal photographic archive. These ten prints encapsulate fragments from her collection of images, often captured during research trips to scientific conferences, trade shows and diverse displays.  

These fleeting moments, often overlooked in her extensive body of work, found a new purpose at the Frans Masereel Centrum. Pinsky ingeniously conceptualized a unique display method –a clock dial system featuring tiny fragments of her photos. Each slice of time corresponds precisely to the moment the photo was taken, immortalizing the month, day, hour and minute.  

The choice of a fully black background, embellished with embossing reminiscent of a comma or quotation mark, serves as a pause – a deliberate interruption in the flow of time and language. This punctuation, a recurring shape in Pinsky’s sculptures, frames the imagery, emphasizing its significance within the continuum of time.  

Employing the chine-collé process, Pinsky layered dyed papers etched with black ink, culminating in a double embossing technique that adds depth and resonance to each piece. These prints encapsulate Pinsky’s vision of extracting moments from time itself, offering a unique perspective that challenges the seamless flow of continuity. 

The prints by Marina Pinsky are part of a series of 10 pieces. It is possible to purchase either the entire series of 10 together or an individual piece. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

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