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Hunger (1)

Pélagie Gbaguidi

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  • Description  
  • Stone litho on paper  
  • Dimensions  
  • 107 x 76 cm  
  • Edition (signed and numbered)  
  • 6 + 1AP + 1PP  
  • Year  
  • 2022  

Pélagie Gbaguidi approaches printmaking as a poetic and political praxis, working with the symbolic qualities of the lithographic limestone.

For Hibernus#1, Pélagie Gbaguidi created lithographic prints in line with ongoing research in her practice: the deconstruction of the global issue of hunger, reframing it as linked to power rather than poverty. As a material resource extracted from the earth, the stone relates to the issues of resource and wealth distribution. The material is activated in the printmaking process, allowing for a collective process of excavation that uncovers the layers of material memory and, through it, our own collective memory.

The work of Pélagie Gbaguidi as a poetic and political gesture aims to open up a debate on hunger (an experience we all share on a bodily level) and to bring attention to the imprint left by actions of the Global North on the Global South and vice versa.

The artist has produced three versions of the work: in addition to the original black-and-white version, there are also some with either a red or a gold accent.

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