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Each year approximately 50 national and international artists, researchers, critics and academics are selected through an open call. The focus lies on development and creation within the field of print. No prior knowledge of printmaking techniques is required. We reserve the autumn for artist collectives, master's students at colleges and universities, artistic co-workers, etc.

Our residencies will be halted between September 2024 and December 2025 due to the construction of our new artist pavilion. We will resume residencies again in spring 2026.

Artist Residency

PeriodJanuary-September 2026Duration5 weeks

Our principal residency offers individual artists the opportunity to broaden and deepen their own practice through a multiform, print-related project. The focus is on development and creation in one or more of our workshops.

Collective Residency

PeriodOctober-November 2026Duration10 days

The Collective Residency is where artist collectives, co-working art professionals or any other kind of (informal) collaboration can develop new, print-related projects or work together on common goals/themes, while learning from each other and fellow residents.

Art School Residency

PeriodOctober - November - December 2026Duration7 days

An Art School Residency is a unique opportunity for master and postgraduate students to develop a contemporary, print-related project, within the framework of their educational program and supervised by their own tutors.

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