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Wim Cuyvers

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  • ISBN  
  • 9789492707048  
  • Language  
  • English  
  • Year  
  • 2022  

In his new publication ‘DE-AD’, architect-artist-writer-forestier Wim Cuyvers bundles both recent and new essays as well as designs of architectural projects that were never executed. ‘DE-AD’ can be seen as the sequel to the successful ‘Text Over Text’ from 2005.

With ‘DE-AD’ Cuyvers on the one hand makes an overview of the spaces he searched and searches for, and he abstracts and names the elements that characterize those spaces; on the other hand, in this book he makes his world view explicit.
The graphic design by Filiep Tacq treats the essays and drawings in an equal way, together they lead to the culmination of Cuyvers’ thinking about public space, a thinking that also determines Cuyvers’ architectural practice.

DE–AD is a publication of the Frans Masereel Centrum.
Curator: Stijn Maes
Proofreader: Thibault Desmet
Translation: Patrick Lennon
Graphic design: Filiep Tacq, Avellanedo


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