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Nations (From Lvov With Lvove)

Slavs and Tatars

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  • Description  
  • One colour fluorescent pantone screen print  
  • Dimensions  
  • 88 x 125 cm (hand-folded)  
  • Editions (signed and numbered)  
  • 50 + 5 AP + 10 EP + 1 PP  
  • Year  
  • 2022  

On the occasion of the retrospective Лук Бук (Look Book), Slavs and Tatars produced three new editions, available in limited numbers in our bookshop: Pickle Tits (golden, English version) and two new versions of Nations.

Nations (From Lvov With Lvove)

Part of a series of aphorisms celebrating the linguistic, ethnic, and political complexity at the heart of Eurasia. This print act as ice-breakers to a region of the world at the cross roads of thousands of years of history, often considered obscure in our amnesiac times.

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