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Mercedes-Benz A 160: CMY, CYM, YCM, YMC, MCY, MYC

Ken Verhoeven

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  • Description  
  • Screenprint on Japanese paper   
  • Edition  
  • 1 + 2 AP  
  • Year  
  • 2023  

Ken Verhoeven, an artist rooted in Antwerp and an alumnus of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, draws inspiration from found objects to craft captivating connections in his art. His project, “Hand Fans & Lamp Shades” (2022), influenced Hibernus #2, where he delved into the use of windshield wipers from various car models – Mercedes-Benz A Class, Suzuki Swift and Mini Clubman – as his creative muse, each imbued with a distinct aura.   

Verhoeven ingeniously repurposed the Mercedes wiper, resembling hand fans when in motion on the windshield, into a unique ‘printing machine’. Employing Japanese paper cut to match specific windshield shapes, he affixed it, applied screen printing ink and activated the wiper. This process produced curved prints. The print evokes the shape of historic paintings resembling a rainbow that can, when folded, transform into a hand fan or, when reversed, take on the form of a lampshade.  

In the Suzuki Swift iteration, Verhoeven strategically placed a ‘Bad Boy’ sticker on the windshield, imprinting its relief onto wet Japanese paper during printing, rendering a distinct texture in the final artwork. The Mini Clubman, featuring a split windshield due to its split rear doors, inspired prints resembling traffic cones when folded.   

Verhoeven ingeniously transformed these car windshields into functional printing apparatuses, reshaping their intended use. During the print unveiling, these printing machines will be activated as part of Hibernus #2. 

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