Frans Masereel Centre is a place where national and international artists, researchers and graphic designers reside, meet and experiment.

Masereeldijk 5
2460 Kasterlee, BE

kunsten & erfgoed

Frans Masereel center constructs a new studio and exhibition space in 2018. In the meantime, we are working on a new residency and public programme. The center is closed till the 1st of October 2018.



Dorothy Iannone

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Dorothy Iannone (b. 1933, Boston, Massachusetts, US), a story-teller and self-taught artist, has been making vibrantly subversive work for over 5 decades. The American-born, Berlin-based artist is known…
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15.09.2016 – 15.09.2016
Frans Masereel Centre

DOCU-PRESS 4 Carla Scott Fullerton (c) Kristof Vrancken

PRINT ART FAIR 2014 (c) Kristof Vrancken

DOCU-PRESS AMVK (c) Stany Dederen

E IL TOPO (c) Kristof Vrancken

ARTIST TALK Katrin Kamrau (c) Olivier Leu

PRINT ART FAIR 2014 - concert Flying Horseman (c) Kristof Vrancken

MOREpublishers present Exhibition Copy & more... (c) Isabelle Arthuis

PRINT ART FAIR 2014 (c) Kristof Vrancken

PRINT ART FAIR 2014 (c) Kristof Vrancken

E IL TOPO performance (c) Kristof Vrancken

REviewED finissage concert Wilderwolves (c) Stany Dederen

DOCU-PRESS Jan Kempenaers (c) Michiel De Cleene

Print Lab

PRINT LAB is an online tool for people looking for technical information regarding printmaking techniques. The input is generated by artists and experts in the field of printmaking. Check out the database.
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More Music Box

> Exhibition

Keeping in mind the overproduction in our own practice, and as a homage to a multiple of Kippenberger MOREpublishers is working on a collection box. A curated edition that functions as an object and…
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23.06.2017 – 01.10.2017
Frans Masereel Centre


Archive books Jef Geys

In 2015, the Frans Masereel Centre started a collaboration with Geys to publish parts of his archive. The first archive publication, Archief 1 and Archief 2, consists of two thick volumes in A4 format…
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> Artist book


Due to expansion works at the Center, we cannot determine the next residence period yet. As soon as the planning of the renovation is fixed, we will announce the new deadline. We therefore recommend that you regularly review this website, which we update whenever more concrete news is known. Or you can subscribe to our newsletter on the homepage of the website. We hope to get more news soon.
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