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Staples and tacks burying rubber band (2021)

Océane Vallot

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  • Description  
  • Etching and eau-forte on chine collé  
  • Dimensions  
  • 76 x 53.5 cm  
  • Edition (signed and numbered)  
  • 5 + 1 AP  
  • Year  
  • 2021  

Rubber Bands and Staples Climbing a Folder and Staples and Tacks Burying Rubber Band are a continuation of the series of etchings by Océane Vallot titled Office World. Within the body of work depicting seemingly mundane attributes of office life, the artist is developing an aesthetic repertoire of animated characters engaged in dynamic situations. The visually unsaturated scenes, resembling technical drawings with the use of fine and precise line, were inspired by sixteenth-century engravings depicting the rather grim episodes of Spanish tyranny in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, the scenes rendered by Océane Vallot possess a subtle humoristic quality. The etchings are layered on chine collé backgrounds taken from designs of office supply catalogues. The result is a series of technically exquisite and multilayered contemplations of everyday situations.

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