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Tote bag for FMC

Tom Tosseyn

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  • Edition  
  • 100  
  • Year  
  • 2016  

Tom Tosseyn reinterpreted and restyled the original Frans Masereel Centrum logo like it was a flashy-colored metal vinyl cover for the 90’s. The design was simultaneously printed, by hand, on two tote bags so that each side of the bag only showed half of the full design. Intrinsic to this technique is the artisanal aspect and the uniqueness of each individual tote bag. Some bags only show the logo, partially on each side, while others show the logo combined with a digitally pixeled, camouflage-looking pattern.

Options: orange logo, orange logo + blue digital pattern, orange logo + blue digital pattern printed from the inside, blue digital pattern with cut-out logo, black logo

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