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Archief 1 + 2

Jef Geys

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  • ISBN  
  • 9789082353822  
  • Print run  
  • 200 (2 prts)  
  • Year  
  • 2015  

The Frans Masereel Centrum started collaborating with Jef Geys in 2015, unlocking his work through a series of publications. Five such publications have been published to date, alongside a pre-publication.

The first archive publication, Archive 1 + 2, consists of two thick volumes in A4 format with more than 800 images from the archive of Jef Geys. The publication shows (some of the) works that were shown in Geys’ solo exhibition in 2015 at the S.M.A.K. in Ghent. This exhibition showed the huge amount of ‘traces of personal life’ that the artist has brought together since 1957.

Johan Pas wrote a text about Jef Geys’ archive books, at the request of the Frans Masereel Centrum: THE BOOK AS AN ARCHIVE, THE ARCHIVE AS A BOOK. (You can download the full text here.)

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