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L' Autre

Wim Cuyvers

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  • ISBN  
  • 97899492707031  
  • Print run  
  • 1100  
  • Pages  
  • 240 (+insert)  
  • Language  
  • Dutch  
  • Year  
  • 2020  

At the Frans Masereel Centrum’s invitation, Wim Cuyvers bundled up a small collection of three brand new short stories alongside nine previously published ones and a sharp-witted reading guide.

The twelve texts were written over a period of fifteen years and can be read as stories that span a lifetime. They were purposefully not bundled in chronological order: the short stories attract each other and meld into their final shape, as one book.

L’autre does not represent a ‘break-up’ for Wim Cuyvers, who has spent the last decennia working as an architect and lecturer, publishing essayish texts, realizing artistic interventions within the field of fine art, organizing walks as urban research and ‘building’ Le Montavoi-x/es, a refuge for people in need, in the Jura. It represents a different way to discuss public spaces as meeting places.

The title also refers to another recurring element in the bundled texts: social discomfort.

Wim Cuyvers is an Affiliated Artist of the Frans Masereel Centrum.

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