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Archief 4

Jef Geys

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  • ISBN  
  • 9789492707000  
  • Print run  
  • 200 (unnumbered)  
  • Year  
  • 2017  

The Frans Masereel Centrum started collaborating with Jef Geys in 2015, unlocking his work through a series of publications. Five such publications have been published to date, alongside a pre-publication.

Archief 4 (2017) starts with a detailed index of Geys’ archive, an airport novel extensively annotated by the artist followed by documents concerning cultural subsidies and an exchange of letters and communications about the establishment of a Flemish Artist society that occupied itself mostly – at the start of the 70’s – with the institution of a social status for fine artists.

Johan Pas wrote a text about Jef Geys’ archive books, at the request of the Frans Masereel Centrum : THE BOOK AS AN ARCHIVE, THE ARCHIVE AS A BOOK. (You can download the full text here.)

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