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Window (Grey)

Jacqueline Peeters

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  • Description  
  • Monotype, screenprint, handpainted with ink    
  • Dimensions  
  • 106 x 78 cm  
  • Year  
  • 2023  

Jacqueline Peeters embarked on an illustrious journey as an artist, earning the prestigious Royal Award for Modern Painting in 1987. More than two decades ago, however, she paused her artistic endeavours. The hiatus lasted some fifteen years, before the call of creativity beckoned once more, prompting her to pick up her brush once more, this time leveraging the power of social media.  

Her recent creations diverge from her earlier works; she reinvents her canvases by overlaying them, birthing something entirely novel. Occasionally, a ‘window’ to her past artistry remains, a fragment preserved amidst her innovation.  

Text, a vital element in her pieces, is not happenstance. Peeters strategically pairs words, linked by ‘and’ or ‘or’, like media analysts connecting search terms. Sometimes, names and phrases find themselves painted directly onto the canvas, sometimes they are inscribed on scraps of paper, delicately sewn into the artwork.  

Names hold immense significance in her artistry, weaving a rich tapestry within Peeters’ lexicon. Famous personalities, characters from literature, paintings, historical figures, they all converge in her vibrant body of work.  

Jacqueline Peeters occasionally produces small dry-point etchings that are printed only once. However, for Hibernus #2, she ventured into screen-printing for the first time. Drawing inspiration from Max Beckmann’s “Sommer,” housed in the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich. This artwork, which is known by various titles, including “Liebespaar”, served as the muse for her prints. The multifaceted nature of Beckmann’s creation, teeming with myriad interpretations, gave rise to its diverse titles. Peeters translated this complexity into her prints, employing techniques like screen-printing to evoke elements such as the mountainous landscapes depicted in “Lovers.” Her prints serve as an homage, encompassing all the titles associated with the original artwork, meticulously inscribed within her creations. However, true to her artistic style, Peeters takes intriguing side journeys alongside her Beckmann-inspired work. Introducing a new title, “Le Paramour Imaginaire,” she also presents numbered editions as a nod to her Unsold Paintings and prints that poignantly reflect the tumultuous events of the war in Gaza.  

Peeters crafted both an edition and a handful of unique monotypes, each a testament to her artistry’s evolution and depth.  

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