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Pieter Vermeersch

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  • Dimensions  
  • 42 x 30 cm  
  • Edition  
  • 45 (signed on certificate)  
  • Year  
  • 2019  

Pieter Vermeersch (Kortrijk, 1973) wanders on the crossroads between fine art painting and architecture, where he enables dialogue between concepts such as representation, time, space and color. With his installations, wall paintings and painterly interventions on marble, Vermeersch challenges the confinements of the canvas. Vermeersch blurs the line dividing the two and three-dimensional, the material and the immaterial, and time and space, within spatial experience. He invites the audience to discover the dynamic dialogue between appearance and disappearance.

The Frans Masereel Centrum editioned an untitled screen print as part of Vermeersch’s solo exhibition at Galerie Perrotin (New York, 2019).

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