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Le Livre de Go – 02: Ce qu'il reste d'un objet qui disparaît

Christophe Lemaître

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  • Edition  
  • 100  
  • Year  
  • 2015  

Le Livre de Go is the second part of a diptych publication that explores and expands the theoretical issues around which the Jan Van Eyck Go Club worked. This temporary club, conceived as a work of art for the public space, was established in 2012 at the Jan Van Eyck Academy, with the old Chinese board game Go as an aesthetic starting point.

This second part contains four conversations between artist Christophe Lemaitre and the philosophers Colas Duflo and Kendall Walton, biologist Olivier Cochet and artist Aurélien Mole. Lemaître created Le Livre de Go – 02: Ce qu’il reste d’un objet qui disparaît during a residency in January and February 2015 at the Frans Masereel Centrum. The design was created in collaboration with designers Spassky Fischer. The publication was supported by FNAGP (Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques et Plastiques).

Language: EN / FR
Technique: Silkscreen
With the support of the Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques et Plastiques (FNAGP)

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