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Residencies '19 - '20

Wolfgang Temme

Artist statement

My work as an artist is based on different circumstances.

First there is the material wood as a grown, plastical substance. I am very attentive to the processes the material is worked on and the way it is divided and new arranged. Chance plays an important role, mostly in the form of using the natural shape and the individual aspects of certain pieces of wood. In my plastic art these proceedings lead to series of objects that on one side reflect their material origin and at the same time show what has become out of it. The objects are the result of a controlled shift of material.
The processes of transformation are consciously chosen simple. I avoid any further shaping and composing influence on the processes and I accept the result of division, distribution and new organisation of the material. In my woodprints it leads to various ornamental sequences of different size.

Personal motivation

In my new relief-prints I will work with plywood as a wood-based material, made of veneer from coniferous wood. One part of the project will be to explore the possibilities of printing relief-prints without having a real relief. That means to use only the viscosity and stiffness of the printing-ink in combination with the varying density of wood, appearing in the grown structure of the annual rings.
The blocks are segments of bigger boards of plywood. This “cut-out”-principle will be used to achieve combinations and confrontations of natural patterns, created by the wood itself and artificial sections and patterns that are determined by different kinds of random-generators.

General Residency
30.01.2012 - 24.02.2012


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