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Residencies '19 - '20

Taichi Kodama

My work is titled “After Image”.
For “After Image”, I shot a series of movement of hands. I shot digital movies of various lengths of time from several seconds to three minutes and I printed out still images of the video's.

I was inspired by FMC’s round building shape. It reminded me of video effects like fade-in, fade-out and looping. In the 13 prints I made images are also slowly changing into the next video images by putting 24 layers on top of each other.

During this residency, I developed my silkscreen work “After Image”.

There were two purposes.
One was finding new colors and lights in Belgium for “After Image”.
Second was researching Belgian silkscreen transparent mediums. (remark: Taichi used the products that are normally used for making inks by adding pigment in pure and thus transparant form)

For my first task, I explored Kasterlee and its surroundings and shot views of nature and people instead of hands acts. The Belgian landscape is different from the view in Japan that is surrounded by mountains. Belgium, with its horizon and long summer days has a different air. So to the camera, the colours and lights are also different. This gave me new insights.

For researching the silkscreen medium, I used different mediums for each image with different expression aims. How different mediums give different effects on my work was very interesting for me to see.

Watch the video Taichi made about his residency.

Research residency
15.04.2013 - 07.06.2013


Taichi Kodama - Afterimage(FransMasereelCenter) All

Taichi Kodama - 001Afterimage(FransMasereelCenter)

Taichi Kodama - 002Afterimage(FransMasereelCenter)

Taichi Kodama - 003Afterimage(FransMasereelCenter)

Taichi Kodama - 004Afterimage(FransMasereelCenter)

Taichi Kodama - 005Afterimage(FransMasereelCenter)

Taichi Kodama - 006Afterimage(FransMasereelCenter)

Taichi Kodama - 007Afterimage(FransMasereelCenter)

Taichi Kodama - 008Afterimage(FransMasereelCenter)

Taichi Kodama - 009Afterimage(FransMasereelCenter)

Taichi Kodama

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