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Residencies '19 - '20

Sunette Viljoen

I) A digital pinhole camera is placed in front of a computer screen in a darkened room and the sensor is exposed for 30 seconds. The resulting blurred digital images are edited and printed out in black and white. They are transferred onto a lithographic stone which is put through various chemical processes over the course of three days. The stone is printed first in black and then in a pale blue, in some cases more than once on a single sheet of paper. A layer of semi-transparent silkscreen ink is added to both sides of the sheet of paper, obscuring the lithographic print.

II) A sheet of paper is folded it into eight panels using a succession of mountain and valley folds. The third horizontal crease on the left and the two vertical creases in the middle are cut to form a L-shaped panel. The paper is folded into an eight page booklet.

The four prints are shown neither as a booklet nor flat panel, but draped in an in-between position showing marks of both possibilities. The series of digital an manual 'processing' steps shift an initial crisp, digital image further into a softer material form. The architectural structures remain in part only as the photographic image competes with the heavily printed surface.

General Residency
28.07.2014 - 22.08.2014










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