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Residencies '19 - '20

Sue Johnson

During my six-week residency I developed a new series of silkscreen works called Sample Worlds.  Inspired by the history of printed wallpaper patterns for the home, especially designs that serve to bring nature indoors as they picture plant and animal motifs.  My new designs develop hidden messages in the form of text & image rebuses on environmental themes that encourage contemplation of the natural and artificial worlds. Each rebus is screen-printed in different color combinations, called colorways in the textile industry, on a variety of recycled wallpapers dating from the mid-20th century that I found in a wallpaper shop in Gent. Each printed section of wallpaper measures just under three meters long and can be installed from floor to ceiling. These wallpaper “samples” will be used to create an installation that simulates a retail showroom for viewing and choosing wallpapers for the home.  This work builds on my recent installation project, American Dreamscape that investigates the material culture of the post-WWII American Dream, especially as expressed in designs for the ideal home.

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