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Residencies '19 - '20

Stien Bekaert

Based in Ghent Belgium, Stien Bekaert communicates as a visual artist throughout an assembly of mixed media. Her work owes as much to photography, and the practice of found imagery, than it does to printmaking techniques. The choice for the collage technique, a mix of found footage with self-made images and photographs, makes her zoom into fragments, change and bring them within a new context. By editing the images digitally she gets rid of the layering that is typical of the classic collage. However, the visual concept of decomposing an image reclaims its place in her work, the aspect of layering. But the origin of the original image is completely lost through new semiotics. The combination of printmaking techniques ensures that manual and high-tech processes are evenly matched. Stien Bekaert interacts with images by searching for the language in and behind photographs and the collages she makes.

"In my work executed at FMC, the registration or recording of images, the appropriation, repeats itself. Images are translated into a new context, a new total context, and enlarged. In this project, image and collage are brought together in various ways.
I demonstrate that by using a completely different technique; new insights are constantly being brought forth. The nominal area is ambiguous and the perceptual story, the distortion of the photo material (both my own images and the found footage) forms the 'thread' of the work. The result is a number of autonomous works that, as a whole, belong to a series.
We are shown collage results of which the final execution contains various graphic techniques: lithograph (collages + on textile), aquatint on etching plates, silk-screen print. All this, combined with monotype, into unique works. This lends itself to an ultimate challenge in transmitting and developing the visual language. The technique is always at the service of the content."

series 1: self-absorbed photo material is translated into lithographic-collages on paper & textile. “Noise 2017”. (backgrounds created with the offset press using monotypes).
series 2: visual material, found footage, images of natural disasters, are translated into an experimental collage of silk-screen printing, etching and monotypes. The alienation gives rise to new poetic combinations of the visual material, which makes the actual situation disappear into nothingness. “Unforeseen Events 2017”

General Residency
21.08.2017 - 29.09.2017







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