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Residencies '19 - '20

Stephanie Roland

I'm very interested in the interactivity in the book and print field, how can a book or a printed item react to it's physical environment, sound, light or temperature. During my residency at Frans Masereel Centrum, I experimented with thermochromic inks which I found fascinating because it allows a low tech interactivity, it doesn't involve any high technologic process. I experimented juxtaposing different kinds of ink with different texts and pictures. Playing with hidden messages, apparition and  disappearance.

I also have a strong interest in science-fiction, time paradoxes and dystopia, I therefore developed a serie of interactive postcards from the future. At first sight, they are all black and opaque but when you touch them or if you place them in a very warm environment (> 25°), you discover a hidden image. These images are google satelitte view of Islands that will disappear in the next centuries because of rising waters. In the absence of heat they come back to their initial state. This project deals with myths of traveling and tourism and the "science-fictionalisaton" of everyday objects and real phenomenons.

General Residency
07.01.2013 - 15.02.2013


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