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Residencies '19 - '20

Simon Hall

Utilizing printmaking processes in order to deconstruct the traditional elements of photographic representation, these works can be viewed as an allegory of fragmentation. Depicting landscapes commanded by ice and water – regions at ground zero in terms of climate change and global warming – these stark images represent our modern existence as we enter a world in which resources are disappearing and ecosystems are vanishing. Each image can be said to update the Romantic preoccupation with ruination, presenting a twenty-first century vision of impermanence that proposes a modification of conventionalized ideas of how reality may look. Stripped and re-presented as disintegrated, ambiguous documents, the works offer an apocalyptic narrative that turns each piece into ethereal conditions of reality and realms of absolute fantasy.

General Residency
07.01.2013 - 08.02.2013


Eis VII - Simon Hall

Prophecy III - Simon Hall

Landsat II - Simon Hall

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