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Residencies '19 - '20

Sandra Blichert

Sandra Blichert is a Danish artist based in Bergen, Norway. She got her BFA from the Fine Arts Department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam and The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki.

One could say that I am a traveller of the day. But I’m not a true traveller and will never be as though the longing so strong for something still unknown keeps me searching for the wonder, the moments and true beauties of life, every single astonishing thing one unexpectedly comes around, that brings within a twist to the day or an unexpected smile. Between the odd, the familiar and the quest of ones own, I’m searching the traces of tales from afar or just right here, and in the meanwhile while waiting for the unknown to appear, I observe and collect the slightly unreal always with an emphasis on the smaller thing - to take the time and stop up and wonder instead of always rushing ahead. I collect and create, reflect upon, add and trace the forgotten ones - things as tales with a pinch of fiction, sentences heard, or stories yet to be told. One can wonder, and this I like, if that actually was the case, or completely based upon an imagined account. For the future to come, the past to apprehend before that too is long gone and too late. No one knows where a journey ends, then it wouldn’t be such an adventure, and if I pretend to know, it is most likely pure fiction.

At Frans Masereel Centrum I began illustrating ‘Some Sort of Significance’ a constant growing archive of found things picked up for the immediate story that came to mind or out of sheer astonishment when stumbling upon it in the first place. This collection of things all got that in common that they work as ‘souvenirs’ - or carriers of the memory. The intention was to make a sort of modern day encyclopaedia, for preserving every single found thing from the archive, as a way of keeping track of it without losing the connected memory or behind laying stories that follows with it. That being the spoken tale, the dry written description or the bit of film that connects to each piece. Each object in ‘The (still untitled) encyclopaedia’ is categorised in chapters divided by material, relation or appearance, titled such as ‘Stones & Bones’, ‘Teeth’, ‘Natural things in its broadest sense’, ‘Beach Beauties’, ‘Pinocchios burned nose and other things of wood’, ‘Winged, furred and other legged things’, ‘Peculiar things’, ‘Toads from the road’, ‘Skin, skull and shells’ and so forth. The objects might break or be damaged for good but a book can last longer than me or you. The work is still in progress and the collection keeps expanding.

This residency was kindly supported by The Danish Art Foundation.

General Residency
06.10.2014 - 07.11.2014



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