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Residencies '19 - '20

Roel Goussey

As a visual artist, I usually start from the visual reality. In every image, there is some kind of construction, and that's what I look for. I purify the image until the essence remains. Analysing and re-composing. The horizontal and the vertical are central, and refer to space and time. I draw, I paint, and I print, mainly silkscreen. The power of the colour and the matter of the paper are very important to me.

I am originally from the seaside, and I grew up in the polders - where the landscape is no more than a horizontal line. My mind is impregnated with this landscape. I make as it were mental landscapes. They are spatial colour fields that reflect my inner world and they invite you to be introspective. No metaphysical fear but serenity, rest and modesty.

General Residency
13.05.2013 - 21.06.2013





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