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Residencies '19 - '20

Päivikki Kallio

"In my text “In the zone” - I outline the essence of printed art as a way of thinking that is independent of material forms. According to me, the core of the printing process is the process of transference and translation. I describe the relation between the printing plate and the print as a projection. Through these concepts I will end up using the concept of printmaking and instead will rather use the concepts of printed art and expanded field of printed art.

The background is influenced by my long-standing artistic practise focusing on the study of the material, the spatial and the conceptual dimensions of printed art. My artistic production has been connected with the essence of the matrix - what can it be and what the trace of it can be and what they can all be together. Many of the installations have been based on making visible the relation between the matrix and the trace.
In my writing, I’m using the concept of printing plate as a matrix, which I also studie outside of the traditional printing processes. Historical inspirers include artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, and David Hammons, whose works appear to be naturally called as traces, rather than prints. I’m writing about a process in which the matrix-forming code conveys the transition of information to the process. The writing makes visible the machine (conceptual printer), which is outside the control of the creator with the examples of Paul Klee’s work with oiltransfer techniques. The moment of the transition, beyond the control, the position of the break, is what I constitute as the zone.
Through the works of students and teachers of the Academy of Fine Arts, and through her concepts, I am describing the expanded field of printed art, defining it as a dynamic network of relationships. In this network, all parts of the printing process gain their own meaning and, in addition, the position in relation to the others. In my view, the work is not only a trace but an entire process of emerging, naming this whole process as the apparatus of print media.

I shall point out that it is possible to find a visual region that combines interestingly moving images, spatiality and different materiality, both from visual culture and contemporary art. To these all is essential the certain kind of action and logic of inversion, shifting and transference. Concerning to the printed art this will change the point of view from handicraft to conceptual. So the way of thinking of the printed art is connected with other indirect art forms."

Päivikki Kallio, visual artist,
professor of printmaking 2010-2015,
in Finnish Academy of Fine Arts

Essay residency
03.04.2017 - 28.04.2017


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