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Residencies '19 - '20

Michelle McGeean

A Guide to McLuhan’s Galaxy is a poster/fold-out map of the alphabet taken from the printed matter of Canadian literary critic cum media guru Marshall McLuhan. For all that McLuhan has been summed up with his aphorism, “The medium is the message” and his association with electric communications media, his ideas were heavily steeped in the ways in which print culture has effected our perception and conception of the Western world. For McLuhan, the printing office was the “crossroads” of civilization, and as such many of his books rely heavily on their graphic design and layout as a means for getting their ideas across.

Two terms are integral to the purposes of this project. The first: “crossroads” implicates a complex network of passages, infrastructure, and information—one where we might need a map in order to navigate. The second, “galaxy”—and here we need to take a turn into McLuhan-like thinking—can be matched with the word “space” which can bring us down to earth and into the spaces that we inhabit everyday. If we are to stretch this thinking further, we can also think of the space of the page and the space of sculpture. The publication is printed with magenta, green, and black inks so when viewed with an accompanying pair of 3D glasses, the alphabet appears to be three-dimensional. The map is simultaneously page and sculpture: the collapsing of its boundaries forces us to rethink the ideas and associations around the terms page and object.

General Residency
04.11.2013 - 13.12.2013


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