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Residencies '19 - '20

Megan Hinton

Artist Statement 2017

My work begins with observation - looking at the landscape, structures, and figures I see in my surroundings. These subjects serve as reference points for the exploration of the abstract.

Expressive imagery emerges in the twilight between reality and imagination. My process is intuitive and non-mechanical. I favor spontaneous mark making without planned consequence. For me, the process of painting is as important as the subject. Consequently, process becomes subject. I investigate harmonic color relationships, how colors interact on the surface; I am less concerned with how colors appear in reality.

The artists who have most intrigued and influenced me the most demonstrate versatility in both approach and subject matter. Artists like Pierre Bonnard, Nicolas DeStaël, Biala, Emile Nöld, Frank Auerbach, Susan Rothenberg, and Amy Sillman. I enjoy looking, photographing, drawing, painting, printing, reworking and reimagining a painted image. My training, ongoing study, daily practice, and subconscious inform the alchemy that becomes my work.

General Residency
04.09.2017 - 29.09.2017


Megan Hinton-Ruin II, offset monotype

Megan HInton-Ruin IV- offset monotype

Megan Hinton-Ruin I - sugarlift etching

Megan Hinton-Ruin 2-offset monotype

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