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Residencies '19 - '20

May Heek

May Heek (born 1984, NL) lives and works in London and Amsterdam. Her video and photography based installations explore the luminous qualities of screens and how we look at image sources. Both the gesture of movement and still images are exploring: surface qualities, sensory experiences, materiality and indirect ways of perceiving images through reflectiveness. The work provides possibilities to reconnect to the interior space of perception and how we deal with specific absence of existing knowledge. May Heek completed her MFA Fine Art Media at Slade School of Fine Art, London (2015). She participated in the one-year residency programme Photo Global at SVA in New York (2008). Exhibitions and projects include: Imagine (London), Aspen (London), Gemeente Museum (The Hague), ING, Site (Stockholm), Unfair NDSM (Amsterdam), Museum voor Moderne Kunst (Arnhem), Colour and Transition Samples AFK (Amsterdam). Awards include: Amsterdam Fund, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, the Hendrik Muller Fonds and the Fundatie van Renswoude.

‘Shadow don’t Lie’ is the title of a set of silkscreen printed on transparent colour filters. The work developed at Frans Masereel Centre focuses on visual dislocations and perceptual illusions. When illuminated by direct sunlight or spotlights the filters leave an imprint and shadow on any surface. Through video, light and print I focus on the resonance mediated by the combination of the light and print. The sampling, sliding and bouncing effect of shiny images and objects are referencing the use of economic strategies that are active in daily life. By directing a two-way experience of the materiality of a reflective image source and the digital space, the work looks into the potential to host and stimulate perceptual and bodily movement outside of the digital device and image source.

'Virtue is Knowledge on the act of reflecting', 2015:

General Residency
10.07.2017 - 04.08.2017


1_May Heek_shadows don't lie

2_May Heek_Shadows dont lie

3_May_Heek_Untitled_Planar Surface_DSC_0576_Francis Boeske_2016_web copy 3

4_MayHeek_VitueisKnowledge_2015 copy 2

5_MayHeek_WhiteSection_2014 copy

6_May_Heek_WhiteSection_Front copy 2

7_May_Heek_WhiteSection_inbetween copy 3

1_May Heek_Sample as a Single Entity_2016

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