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Residencies '19 - '20

Maryam Najd

My work at Frans Masereel Centre is related to the “Non Existence Flag Project”- work-in-progress- due to the amount of research and preparation for the large-scale installation of paintings and prints. “Non Existence Flag Project” is an installation of a few complementary ideas to demonstrate the effects of national symbols in art. The installation is based on diminishing or increasing symbols to create a structure that has new visual connotations that would not occur or be perceptible from the source materials.

“Non-Existence Flag Project” centres on the transformation of national flags into monochrome paintings. The first idea is to transform each existing flag into an unrecognizable image from the original. The second idea is to merge the colours of each flag to obtain a new colour- a result that would have absolutely no connotation with the source. Flags of the countries are analyzed by a custom-made python script to calculate the proportions of colours in each of them. The end result of the installation of “Non Existence Flag project” will be a presentation of 193 paintings in 193 different colours and variations.

The key to perceive the notion of the installation is formulated on the Motto-cards. The Motto-cards on one surface represent the colour of the flag and on the other surface the slogan of the country. At Frans Masereel Centre I completed the mixing process of the colours of 193 flags and printed the Motto cards based on the list of the member states of the United Nations to achieve the most precise prints in view of the accurate colour. The Motto cards are numbered alphabetically in the same order and amount of the monochrome paintings.

The suspension of disbelief gives me the courage to create an installation of different national symbols into a body of work, which is not logistically affected by the facts or actualities of our societies. In this sense, it is the role of an artist to step beyond many facts and sanity to create Art. The “Non Existence Flag Project” is a statement to demonstrate to the public a possibility of a transformation or a development within a global construction, without taking part in any political aggression.

General Residency
07.01.2013 - 15.02.2013


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