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Residencies '19 - '20

Marjolijn De Wit

Marjolijn de Wit treats paintings, works on paper, ceramics and installations as if they were collages. They refer back to other times, places and things. Her works are like archeological finds, in which she initiates converstations between seemingly heterogenous elements. The compositions raise questions between 2d and 3d, illusion and reality, history and future, environment and awareness. By observing, transforming and repositioning, she composes a story that leaves leaves room for both complexity and interpretation. By remaining faithfull to the concrete and with a little help from the viewer's phantasy, anything can happen in reality. Nevertheless, the spectator is confused by what he sees. The idea of looking at an ordinary landscape has to give way to the insight that nothing is what is seems to be.


Fundbüro is a collaboration between Marjolijn de Wit (NL), Henriette Grahnert (DE), Lubok (DE) and Lorenzo Bravi (IT). Based on inspiration from nature, history, structures, patterns, found objects and materials, the pages define their own logic and sometimes a self-contained system. The book is printed on transparent layers, a mix of photocopy and screenprint.

General Residency
03.06.2013 - 28.06.2013



Marjolijn De Wit - 02

Marjolijn De Wit - 01

Marjolijn De Wit - 03

Marjolijn De Wit - 04

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