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Residencies '19 - '20

Maria Providencia Casanovas

Inspired by the most immediate experiences and activities of daily life, Maria-Providencia Casanovas creates images from the relationship she establishes with her living and working space to explore issues related to how we build identity with regard to others.
Her work addresses the dichotomy of you/me, and the negotiations that we establish between them in order to build our sense of uniqueness. In this project she focuses on the space in which she worked--the etching studio in Frans Masereel Centrum–exploring the printmaking workshop as both a shared communal space for experimentation and a space to internalize and find refuge from outside interferences.
The resulting two pieces “28 Days in the Printmaking Workshop” and “Light Exposure Unit”, are the outcome of her workshop routines and the tools associated with them.

General Residency
15.04.2013 - 24.05.2013




28 Days In The printmaking Studio

Day 3

Day 13


Day 25

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