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Residencies '19 - '20

Malgorzata Olchowska

Malgorzata Maria Olchowska (b.1982/PL) lives and works in Belgium (Antwerp/Gent). She obtained a Master of Architecture diploma from TU Delft (NL) in 2007 and has since worked as an interior architect at De Vylder Vinck Tailieu, Murmuur and Bovenbouw architecture. At the moment she is teaching at Gent University, Sint Lucas Gent and at Riga University Of Business, Arts and Technology. Since 2009 she is studying printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gent. During the course of her studies she was laureate of the Arnoevoo competition for young artist in Bredene (2010) and of the Dexia Art Price (2011).

"During my residency in FMC I was working on the project Verdwenen stad. Through printmaking I am telling the story about the city that disappeared. During the work process, the first etching became a base for the model of a city. The model was then photographed with a pinhole camera to create images for the prints. The images captured by the pinhole camera, in a way, give life to the model. The projection of a fictional construct onto real paper makes it feel real again. It is almost like travelling through the city with a camera. The 2 series Moments and Passages are images that show the city differently and in different scales. Different techniques are used in each series to represent different layers of the city: details, space and construction. And each technique creates images that are distinctive from each other. Moments are prints made using the lithographic technique. The stones that are used gave them very static feeling. Passages are printed via silkscreen. Silkscreen allowed me to work on a larger scale. The raster and a mesh of a screen are additional filters which, during the process, add other layers to the image."

General Residency
31.07.2017 - 08.09.2017


MMOlchowska_linkeroever serie_2014_ woodcut

MMOlchowska_verdwenen stad decay_litho etching silkscreen_FMC2017

MMOlchowska_verdwenen stad_Passage I_silkscreen_FMC2017

MMOlchowska_verdwenen stad_model 3_FMC2017


MMOlchowska_verdwenen stad Moments1_lithography_FMC2017

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