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Residencies '19 - '20

Maaike & Fairuz

Mish Mash #1 impossible to print (2011) is garage64's version of an interactive fanzine.
It flirts with the (im)possibility of the book as a virtual object.
The plan is to publish issues of Mish Mash on an irregular basis, both online and offline.

Since 2013 Maaike Beuten and Fairuz Ghammam are working on Mish Mash #2 the ultra tactile version with slowness as an essential component.

According to wikipedia a book is 'a set of written, printed, illustrated, or blank sheets usually fastened together to hinge at one side'.
The weeks in Frans Masereel Centrum were used to dissect, rethink and re-assemble printed matter and the book as an object.

This resulted in 12 hand bound neutral gray books who - at first sight- all look the same. A cancel-specimen that enables the typesetter to correct without hiding the error(s). A collection of dust 'miss en pages'.
A series of typographical posters in which the design is determined by the white spaces and the limitations of the character set.
In the next phase still lifes and stagings will be created with the multiples and those will be reproduced in Mish Mash#2.

General Residency
14.10.2013 - 15.11.2013


1. Still life with books, citrus, technology

2. 12 software gray books

3. titlepage

4. cancel characters

5. the visualization of Z

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