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Residencies '19 - '20

Lucie Renneboog

My work can be categorised as the tragicomedy and melodrama of the object that tries to be the subject and perfectly succeeds in it. On the border of fiction. Fiction and reality where the absolute singularity focuses on its own existence.

My work is situated in the field of installation art, with the characteristics of the refusal to work within the set boundaries, the refusal to accept them. My works are mainly large installations in which I construct 'situations' with fragila materials, and in which colour elevates the capriciously sculpted landscape - sketches in a very large frame: EVERYTHING. These often surreal landscapes create a fascination where the term painting falters like a distant echo of what preceded it in art history. The often monumental installations position themselves in (a) space and become a imaginative 'nature morte' that recalls American art (50's West-Coast). In the course of art history, the individual was always at the centre. Art as the mirror of the individual. The individual as a subject. Within the context of my work, the individual is being ignored and at the same time it needs it, as a mirror for its existence.

In my work I use all kinds of materials. Materials that are mostly low-budget and have transitory characteristics. That's how temporary works are made. The importance of this: they are the ideas of a moment, and that's how long they will survive. My work often recalls memories of still lifes and almost immediately, the absence of the individual imposes itself. Urban and fictious landscapes that seem to refer to games, sets, romantic painting,...
With an ambiguous character, humouristic and serious, I try to reflect the banal yet complex reality in a humouristic and serious way. I try to challenge and question the conventional vision of space. Apparent reality is being organized. The re-organizing of reality to research the underlying confessions of desires of everyday objects in complex arrangements.

"Always objects, a range of sculptural models for virtual fields, architectural suggestions, like sets for unknown and always absent protogonists."
"Through the work, force the viewer to interpretate ones own experiences, code them and put them in a certain context,more specific the contemporary life-scene.
Questioning as all do, the world of today without offering an Utopia for you.
My works try to sublimate but always in a very well mannered way being exhuberiant."

General Residency
18.11.2013 - 13.12.2013


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