Frans Masereel Centre is a place where national and international artists, researchers and graphic designers reside, meet and experiment.

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Residencies '19 - '20

Lorenzo Bravi

Lorenzo Bravi, graphic designer, teacher, digital media researcher.

As a designer he works on projects ranging from different fields, like publishing to new media, signage systems, corporate identity and interactive installation. His research is focused on the basics of visual language, trying to understand deeply the rules of non verbal communication. Focusing on what is ordinary and more simple he wants to stimulate self-reflection in the viewer.
He teaches Basic Design at ISIA Urbino graphic design school.

Present Continuous
Silkscreen printed octavo, and posters. The project investigates same different topics like the limits of printing process and self-consciousness through the verbal construction of present continuous.
(project developed at Frans Masereel Centrum)

Project started from an exercise focused on finding the expressive quality in a series of fingerprints. After choosing the best forms, these have been scaled and printed in many different combination of colors. So fingerprints, usually unconsciously left by fingers on clothes during the printing process, are used as shape to test color and they become themself the effective subject of the prints.
(project developed at Frans Masereel Centrum)

Ikea Press
Collection of experiments with letterpress printing. The constructive elements of IKEA® products substitute the traditional wooden printing letters and become the printing die for limited editions prints.The same elements are assembled back to get back their functionality, but maintaining  the signs of the printing process, becoming themselves unique industrial products.

General Residency
13.05.2013 - 21.06.2013









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