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Residencies '19 - '20

Liesbet Grupping

Liesbet Grupping (°1984) received her Master in Visual Arts (Photography) in 2009 at LUCA School of Arts, Brussels and her Master of Research in Art and Design at St Lucas University College of Arts and Design, Antwerp in 2011. She considers her artistic practice as a ‘practical investigation’ of the translation of impressions, ephemeral phenomena (as well as the observation of those) into - and through - photography. By the (unconventional) use of photographic material, such as the implantation of a photo-slide in a flowerpot, a stroll with a pinhole camera, or the opening of a JPG-file in Microsoft Word, she generates images that question the codes of photography. By making use of deconstructive methodologies she construct images that questions on both the process and the content of images. Photography is used as a means to clarify the different aspects of phenomena as well as the mental concepts one uses when observing the environment. Her work is shown in various exhibitions such as The Gods Must Be Crazy – Part Photography (Roeselaere & Heist-op-Berg), Tique Art Space (Antwerp), Maison Particulière (Brussels), Galerie Martin Van Blerk (Antwerp), FoMu (Antwerp), the Flemish Cultural House De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam) and published in .tiff, 2011 and ART, 2011.

The work Bookpress: Dionaea Muscipula was realised during the residence at the Frans Masereel Centre. A Moleskine sketch book was used as a flytrap. The flies were mirrored in the sketch book by their ‘imprint’. In order to be able to preserve the result longer, these fragile ‘imprints’ were varnished. For the reproduction I used photocopies for twelve spreads with a caption on a litho stone.

General Residency
07.05.2012 - 15.06.2012



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