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Residencies '19 - '20

Koen Broucke

"Drawing is my innate form of thinking, of giving free reign and instilling order to my thoughts. A thought, an idea gets me drawing, whereas the drawing sets in motion its own kind of thoughts. I draw every single day, in sketch books, in endless series, on bits of letter paper and envelopes… and large outline drawings, using either pencil on paper, or pencil over acrylic paintings. I was looking to translate these outline drawings into dry needle etches.

Two pleasant surprises in my initial attempts to convert existing drawings:
1. The diamond etching needle is very smooth to draw with, especially in the transparencies, almost as smooth as a pencil.
2. The dry needle is very precise and detailed. It enables me to translate the information of a very large drawing to a much smaller format.

I very quickly went on to create new drawings straight onto the plate. The leitmotif was the preparation of my exhibition on the Battle of Waterloo at the Royal Library in Brussels (from June 2015) and the beauty of the local landscape that has been preserved and the traditional depiction thereof in history painting. Also a sub-topic of my PhD in the Arts:

By the same token, elements of other projects (pianists, models, dancers, animal toys, jet airplanes, drones) have wormed their way into these Boschian drawings (there is a line of inspiration from Bosch and Bruegel across Ensor) which I picked up during my time at the Frans Masereel Centrum (dead frogs, ponies, fire extinguishers, kitchen utensils, keys, etc.)."

General Residency
27.10.2014 - 21.11.2014


Motorcycling Mounteneer disepearing into thin air

Waterloo & F 35's detail

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