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Residencies '19 - '20

Kitty Bons

I like it when people pretend for a while –the kindness of a waiter, the silence in a museum, the nakedness in a sauna– and then continue like nothing happened. The objects and unspoken rules which make this ‘pretending’ possible can be found within my work: curtains, garlands, books, instructions, containers, stories about traveling, souvenirs.

I like to close up, to zoom in, to observe. I read a book, make notes in the margins, use these notes in a print or sculpture. I make stand alone structures which might need a coat and write stories which try to surround the reader with their images. I studied in the painting department and later 'open atelier' in Antwerp and 'multimediale vormgeving' in Ghent. I look for places to experiment and concentrate.

During my residency I’ve researched the posibilities of texture, color and paper. This resulted in a certain amount of prints, which will be used in an installation and collages. The visuals I used came from an earlier research into the architecture of tourism and artificial nature.

General Residency
02.11.2015 - 04.12.2015


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Rachel Gruijters

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