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Residencies '19 - '20

Katrin Kamrau

During my stay at the Frans Masereel Center I developed the work SPEKTRUM*objekt17(cheeese!), two framed silkscreen prints, and SPEKTRUM*objekt17(cheeese!)reject, a pile of 80 silkscreen prints. My point of departure were images accompanying a frame I once bought. As a selection these place-holder images can be read as a representation of the ideal family life in the Western World (which you get for free buying this frame). By reprinting this work I tried to produce a silk screen print that embodies the idea of this perfect world. On the second silk screen print you can see grey surfaces forming a responding passe-partout for the place-holder images. With this work I refer to confining aspects of images like cadrage, framing or various preprogrammed automatics of today‘s photo cameras. The chosen color in this print refers to the so-called ‚Kodak Grey‘, a tone Kodak employees determined by analyzing the brightness of thousands and thousands of amateur photographs. Today, this tone is used in every digital camera as a point of reference for automatic exposure time automatic.

General Residency
13.01.2014 - 21.02.2014


one motive of SPEKTRUM objekt17 ( cheeese!)

Installation view of SPEKTRUMobjekt17(cheeese!) and SPEKTRUMobjekt17(cheeese!) at de Warande, Turnhout. (c) 2014 Katrin Kamrau

printing SPEKTRUM objekt17 (cheeese!), (c)

printing SPEKTRUMobjekt17(cheeese!)reject

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