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Residencies '19 - '20

Irina Magurean

"I work in the medium of photography. I especially like working with polaroids because they are little objects of time evidence and they create a relation between the viewer and the object by itself (especially because you have to come closer to watch them). You know they are unique, like the seconds that pass. And then you just keep the proof of time, like a memory, but in your own hands. I try to adjust the mediums I’m working with to the ideas of my projects.

During my stay at the Frans Masereel Centrum I tried to do something different and I focused on a project about memory and the role it plays in our becoming. On one hand we have memories stocked somewhere that we cannot identify or access but they have left marks on our behaviour and feelings. On the other hand we have very vivid memories, and sometimes we recreate memories based on stories told us by others (for example childhood memories). The memory is part of our daily life and I am interested in the way we interact with it. For the project I use mainly photographs (self-made, family photos, found photos) and I do also relate them to objects or feelings."

General Residency
05.09.2016 - 30.09.2016


Pleasure journey

Pleasure journey



Of light installation view


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