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Residencies '19 - '20

Ignace Cami

Ignace Cami (Antwerp, 1986) is active as a multidisciplinary visual artist, musician and recently co-founder of the CRYING project space.

Understanding and investigating identity is central to the works of Ignace Cami. Throughout his oeuvre, it is clear how he approaches and forges his own identity as an artist with a cultural heritage, which results in an enormous diversity of images.

This personal view of the world, created from his own memories, the collective memory and a serious injection of fantasy, gradually spreads out and absorbs everything that crosses its path. This is also how he sets to work on the creation, dissection and rethinking of symbols. Through poetical involvement, he looks to escape the collective affection often linked to symbols.

During his residency, Cami will rethink the concept of the traditional block calendar and apply it to a project about a singing dog. This will result in an absurd edition that toys with the resonance of household objects and the relationship between language and image. (HINT: the dog sings the national anthem.)

General Residency
28.08.2017 - 22.09.2017


Microculture (Cocoon) mixed media

Spell - ceramics, stool, sugarcubes

Fracture - polyester on fluorecent light

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