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Residencies '19 - '20

Henriette Grahnert

Henriette Grahnerts way of painting could humorously be described as Bad Painting in the field of abstraction. But intent on details and with a focus on the haptic of the surfaces she practices a more tidy, well-ordered 'Bad Painting Illusionism'. She combines trompe l‘oeil painted bits of masking tape with rough brushstrokes or dripping color. Those proper tools or waste products of the painting process are often seen as protagonists of her pictures as well as geometrical abstract forms and sometimes realistic elements. She is juggling with different kind of styles, not boggling to draw on famous art history works or playing a trick on artwork of famous others. Struggling with the medium painting, and with a sense of irony, she shows 'the making of'.  Her often amusing titles open a door to a world of association that you don't expect at first sight. With a passion for tragicomedy she tells about troubles and difficulties, strange situations and funny stories which may create a relationship and interaction between people. Stories about Love and Life.

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Fundbüro is a collaboration between Marjolijn de Wit (NL), Henriette Grahnert (DE), Lubok (DE) and Lorenzo Bravi (IT). Based on inspiration from nature, history, structures, patterns, found objects and materials, the pages define their own logic and sometimes a self-contained system. The book is printed on transparent layers, a mix of photocopy and screenprint.

General Residency
03.06.2013 - 28.06.2013



Henriette Grahnert - Der Mann ohne Zwischenleib 2012 50x40

Henriette Grahnert - Schluss mit Egomasche 2011 70x60

Henriette Grahnert - Sammlung Diverser Nullen 2009 80x63

Henriette Grahnert - Backstage Styling 2008 180x200

Henriette Grahnert - Fix Fix Fix It 2008 170x190

Henriette Grahnert - Ja schön aber das beantwortet nicht die Frage 2008 180x150

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