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Residencies '19 - '20

Gowara Minsa

Distinctive for Gowara Minsa's woodcuts, drawings, cut outs, etchings and sporadic paintings are the intuitive drawing of creatures between man and animal, and a meaning that develops during the artistic process. There’s something (German) expressionist about her work, but you will also find influences of the naive Art Brut or outsider artist David Shrigley and his irony. Gowara Minsa's horror vacui world is populated with inbetween-creatures: they evolve from raw lines, consist of grotesque hands and facial expressions and create impressions in word and image. The woodcut itself gets more plasticity: with a laser cutter, Gowara Minsa cuts hands, feet or silhouettes that she works on in a rather brutal way creating a friction between precision and spontaneity.

During her residency at Frans Masereel Centrum, Gowara Minsa was deepening her research on the influence of the background on the final print.

General Residency
21.07.2014 - 29.08.2014


Gowara Minsa DP4

(c) Gowara Minsa

Gowara Minsa DP3

Gowara Minsa DP2

Gowara Minsa DP1

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