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Residencies '19 - '20

Gerbrand Burger

"For the limited edition of a book of my drawings, I have made a series of unique works under the title of ‘Stick figures’. The jump-off point was my quest to combine different ‘constructive’ visual elements, which are physically assembled onto the etching plate, adopting a different graphic technique for each. The ‘slats’ in the image were made using aquatint, etch, dry needle etch and Chine Collé (ink jet and laser print on Japanese paper).

Architecture is a major source of inspiration for my work; a drawing is a construction, a book is a building. As such, I created a number of unique, experimental works using the techniques listed above. The series is entitled ‘Constructs’, in reference to the concept from the philosophy of science (a construct being a hypothetical object, which may or may not be made up of several components, which exists by the grace of the perspicacity of a given subject). What I am interested in is what binds and engenders the seemingly random combination of elements. The various elements are part invention, part observation.

The introduction to the Chine Collé technique was a great discovery to me, which greatly informed the development of the graphic works I made during my residency; the technique is well suited to my view of the image as a construct."

General Residency
06.10.2014 - 21.11.2014





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