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Residencies '19 - '20

Gerbrand Burger

In my work I take elements from literature, architecture and other personal observations and inventions, and often combine or merge them in a new way. The book drawings function a bit differently, they are a more straightforward expressions of the importance literature and books have for my work. For me literature has been the first encounter with art, and I consider reading to be the most profound experience of imagination.

During my stay at Frans Masereel Centrum I worked on a series of seven unique prints, picking up where I left after my stay here in 2014. I took some of the results of spontaneous experiments during my first stay as a staring point to develop a coherent group of works. The working title of the group is Seven Madmen, referencing the visionary and dystopian novel by Argentinian writer Roberto Arlt, thus personifying the seven characters, and infusing them with Arlt’s rather absurd and desolate vision of society in the 20th century, and with the unstable mental state of the novel’s main character; inventor Erdosain.


General Residency
11.01.2016 - 05.02.2016


Gerbrand Burger

Gerbrand Burger

Gerbrand Burger

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