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Residencies '19 - '20

Frederic Geurts

Frederic Geurts (°1965, Wilrijk) lives and works in Antwerp. Since 1988 he has been building up his oeuvre in which the dialogue with the context takes a central place. He thus belongs to the tradition of site specific art, the movement that involves the surroundings in the work of art. The divide between art and its surroundings thus becomes more diffuse. As a spectator you are more likely to be in the artwork, which can lead to a more total encounter and experience. Geurts is particularly known for his monumental but fragile structures. Here he tests the limits of his constructions’ gravity and material. Increasingly this is translated into works for the public space.

One of the points he has been working on in recent years is the question of how far a spatial work can have the quality of a sketch. The drawing, and especially the sketch, has the quality of the immediate. Spatial work usually requires time and distance. The sketch, on the other hand, seems to precede thinking, which of course is not possible. The sketch is able to show the search, doubt and corrections to initial decisions. Searching, doubting, and starting afresh typify us both as human being and as artist. It also says something about our fallibility and vulnerability. The vulnerable touches us because of its existential dimension. Working around this is thus also an invitation to ponder the artistic act itself.

In preparation for the exhibition ‘Can you feel it? - Tactility and/in print’, Frederic Geurts was invited, together with five other visual artists, to investigate the tactility of the print medium in the graphic studio of the Frans Masereel Centre. Ulrike Mohr (DE), Thomas Rentmeister (DE), Frederic Geurts (BE), Matthieu Blanchard (FR), Sema Bekirovic (NL) and Lieven de Boeck (BE) experimented, from the tactility of their own work, with the qualities of graphic print media. The results were presented, together with existing work and a text about the position of tactility in a highly technological and capitalistic society, in Z33, Hasselt, from 20.06.2015 - 11.10.2015.

General Residency
20.04.2015 - 01.05.2015




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