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Residencies '19 - '20

Fernando Feijoo


I see myself as a journeyman: travelling around, absorbing all the variety of cultural differences and architectural styles when I visit a new city, exploring people’s lives and conditions in the twenty first century. These observations are then reflected throughout my work, whether that is in the technique or the subject matter.

Humour appears within my work as well as the shadows of the darker sides of human nature. I am interested in social and political issues and these often appear as the main theme within my work. Narrative images have hidden, partially concealed layers of information within them, which become revealed further into the work, almost as a subtext which the individual viewer reads into the work. The closer you are drawn into the image, the more you understand about the characters and the lives they lead.

I enjoy exploring new ways of making work through combining different media together, working with the interactions and juxtapositions of materials and techniques, which encourage fresh viewpoints and outcomes.

Drawing is a powerful medium which allows me to push my ideas into different directions and create the fantastic. There are no rules to be followed: just pure experimentation and fun to be had. Mixed media is a common starting point for the idea development within my sketchbooks. These books travel everywhere with me enabling to record my ideas to progress onto possible future projects.

Fernando Feijoo
Lives and works in Cambridge UK as Art teacher and practising artist

General Residency
02.04.2012 - 27.04.2012




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