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Residencies '19 - '20

Evelien Gysen

Evelien Gysen (1975, Geel, B.) is fascinated by the manipulated image that acts as the starting point or inspiration for her own work. The pixel in large advertising posters, the surface noise that can be seen on cheap photocopies, old touched-up photos, postcards and magazines, published ink, photos found on the internet - all this fascinates her. She is also fascinated by the graphic character of the typical random photos that exist and are distributed throughout the world of unexplained phenomena or non-proven matters (cryptozoology, UFO, pulp journalism, etc.). Gysen loves the way in which chiaroscuro in film noir increases the drama and the alienation. She wants to reinterpret these graphic images in a personal way in her own work. The actual photographic image that is, in itself, an illusion, is ‘cleaned’ further, ‘distorted’ or transformed into something of its very own: an image that says more about the human subconscious (longing for perfection, expressing fear, thinking in clichés) than about the reality from which the image arose. Evelien Gysen often combines photography and graphic art. One medium is very fast, the other convoluted and ponderous. With a few simple graphic steps, the images acquire a different reality. They are shown as projection/print/drawing/etc. The images that Gysen creates in this way often appear to be twilight zones where timelessness reigns.

They often seem like staged images that make you doubt their authenticity.

General Residency
28.09.2015 - 09.10.2015


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