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Residencies '19 - '20

Evelien Gysen

Evelien Gysen is captivated by the manipulated image that serves as a point of departure or inspiration for her own work.
She is fascinated by the pixelated large advertising poster, the ‘noise’ on cheap xerography, (old) manipulated photographs, post cards and magazines, found photos on the internet,....
In her work, she wants to reinterpret these graphic images in her own way. The actual photographic image that is already an illusion in itself, is changed even further, ‘embellished’, 'uglified' or transformed into an entirely new image: an image that says more about the unconscious of man (desire for perfection, expressing fears, thinking in clichés) than about the reality from which it was created.
Evelien Gysen often combines photography with analog techniques. While one medium is particularly fast, the other is slow and more abstract. By using a few simple techniques, images develop their own realities. The images that Evelien Gysen creates this way often seem like twilight zones, where a certain timelessness reigns.

Pareidolia, the notion of recognizing patterns, a type of illustion where one sometimes 'falsely' recognises, is at the centre of Evelien Gysen’s lens-based and graphic art. Through an alternating and unorthodox use of lens-based and graphic techniques, she develops personal icons. The landscapes, usually presented through pictures of maquettes, discuss the deconstruction of the image that is considered to be 'real'. The unaccessible vagaries and pixelated images intrigue. Without being explicit, they champion the mysterious, the fear-inducing and the undisclosed. They express an imaginary place where reality and illusion coincide. 

General Residency
18.09.2017 - 29.09.2017


tent (FH17) 2017

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gasstation 2b lr residentie 2017

dust FH litho gemengd techniek 2015

mountain VSM LR residentie 2015

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